Song Folder Corruped by manager software

While working with BeatBuddy Manager, one of my song project folders became empty. Fortunately I noticed before sync’ing with the pedal and I didn’t loose everything. The folder’s CONFIG.CSV file on my hard drive’s copy had become 0 bytes. I executed an import from the pedal and that project again had that folder get zapped, with a 0 byte CONFIG.CSV. I directly copied the contents of the SD card to my hard drive and opened the project in BeatBuddy Manager, again, zap.

I’d really like to restore the folder to a non-corrupt state. Could it be that one of my BBS files is the issue? Could it be the HASH.BCF? Is there anything I can try to get it back from the pedal/SD card without BeatBuddy Manager eating it?

Any chance of trying a different SD card?

As far as I know, HASH.BCF is safe to be removed. It is most likely used when BBManager determines what has changed and should be sync’ed and what not.

It’s pretty hard to guess what’s wrong with your project, but I would
1 ) go through all folder and remove all HASH.BCF files, and
2) manually opened all the CONFIG.CSV files with a text editor to check whether all your songs are included there.

Anyways, make a backup copy of everything you have, and if nothing helps, upload it to somewhere so I could check that out for you if you feel your changes are valuable for you.

So I hand-edited the 0 length file, added back a BBS file name, and it showed up properly when I restarted BB Manager. So, I guess, to determine if one of the most recent BBS files I created is a problem-child or not, I’ll add back the filenames in chunks (there are 99) until it messes up again. I wonder if there is some kind of logging I can enable (I’m a software engineer and I debug customer issues on-site all the time :slight_smile: ) The thing is, if it happened to me, it can probably happen to anyone, and they’ll be less understanding than a software engineer

It is ridiculous that the windows software is still in beta. Caught me on a bad day and I’m getting riled about about this company’s utter failure to deliver the software n

So I renamed all the BBS files in the directory, recreated the CONFIG.CSV file from scratch using those file names, and now everything works as it should. I know it wasn’t that there was an invalid file name in the CSV, I had a recreated from scratch before I tried renaming the files and that didn’t help. It remains a mystery