Song Limitation

With all of the free songs it looks like I cannot import anymore. Is this a limitation based on the size of the SD card or is it a beatbuddy software/firmware limitation?

Hey emacnevin. What free songs can’t you import anymore? I think I’m missing something in your post.

The BeatBuddy software and firmware presently limit you to 500 midi notes/song and 99 folders. The 4Gb SD card generally has not been a limiting factor.

As the team fields the new s/w and f/w, it will lift that 500-note limit. Users will probably have a lot more flexibility for continuing to import free songs as well as being able to take advantage of the (free) songs that BB users will build that takes advantage of unlimited notes. If storage space then becomes an issue, a user can migrate to a larger capacity SD card (I have used a 32Gb card–but my needs so far are modest).

Well I just got carried away and have put about 90 songs with bass in a folder. When I tried to import the 91st song in the the folder, the import song command is greyed out. If I delete a song it will then allow me to import the 90th song again. So it appears to be a max of about 90 songs per folder. I just figured out though if I make a new folder it does allow me to import a song so I guess I answered my own question. Had not thought about making a new folder - Duh… Thanks for the help.

Just a little tip. The topic came up about using the 32 GB card being better quality and faster. I just happened to have one lying around so I plugged it in. It does respond faster and I sure don’t have to worry about storage space. I will probably run out of songs before I run out of room. I have at least 100 songs already programmed and I have barely made a dent in the storage space on the SD Card. Right now I have a song list of about 800 songs which I know and can play. I am quite sure that the SD Card will hold all of them if I used different folders of course. Anyway, take it from there.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.