Song loops on a transition fill?

Here’s what’s going on . I downloaded a bunch of songs I found here on the forums and in Resources. All songs oddly play the intro then verse (main part I) once and then automatically jump to the transition and gets stuck there looping the transition fill. It will advance with a click of the virtual pedal but does the same thing on the next part whenever there is a transition present on that art’s line.

Edit #1 - This is with the BB Manager and not the pedal (haven’t tried with the pedal yet as I am editing). I’ve noticed this same behavior now with some other songs too so perhaps this is a bug in the beta version of the BB Manager.

Edit #2 - Does this with all songs so edited again to update. I am assuming this to be a bug in the beta version of the manager. Anyone else having this issue?

Try using our latest BBManager 1.6.3 - I will PM it to you now.