I have just created a full song “Black Velvet” in Midi editor from BB midi files.
Then I created a new song in BBM and inserted the midi file (song) which I created in midi editor into
the main loop in the BBM.
The song played perfect in BBM.
I then synchronised the BBM with my BB pedal. Great!!
Only problem is that the song keeps repeating.
Again, I know that I’m doing something wrong which is probably obvious.
Any ideas?

Hello Fourmost,
It is normal that the song is played repeatedly because the BB consider it a loop. Personally I place some measures HH with a volume of 1 at the end of the song. We hear a silence and when the song is over and it gives me the time to make a stop manually.

Thanks Jean,
This makes complete sence.

Another way is to put a short foot hat as the main loop: tsh tsh tsh then hit end, and have the whole song play as the outro. then it will just finish.

Thanks again for your help Aashideacon.
I was thinking along the same lines but had not got to try yet.