Song won't play

Had a problem the other night at a gig where a song wouldn’t play. When I looked at the screen there was no data, just the song title. I had just refreshed the project data on the card and particularly on that song so thought there must have been a glitch somewhere so clicked to the next song and all was well. Until later on I came across the same thing on all remaining songs past song 30 in the folder list. Put the standby card in and all went well for the rest of the night. Got home and fired up the BB and all songs then seemed to play as advertised, even the first song that wouldn’t play. Anyone had this problem before? If so what was the cause and possible remedy?

Are you using the USB cable connection method for synchronizing your project from your computer to your pedal? If so, this could be a possible reason. Try using the computer slot reader for your SD card instead.

Sometimes you may run into a data transfer problem (even with the computer SD slot reader). If so,

  • delete all of the contents from your card (delete—not erase or format).
  • put card in SD slot reader and export project from your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to your SD card and accept prompts to synchronize.
  • check each and every one of the songs with card in your pedal.
  • if it happens again, format your card MS-DOS (FAT32) and repeat the steps above; also, check that none of your songs or folders have a period “.” in the title.

Please let us know how you resolve your issue.

The thing is, it seems to all work fine now. After having the problem on stage, and I must say this is the first “not me” problem I have had, it all seems to be operating correctly. Maybe it was a card seating issue or something, not sure.
BTW, not using a USB cable, using an external card reader. New computer, doesn’t have a SD card reader slot.

Thanks for circling back so quickly. You’re right. Could have been anything.

If it happens again, reseat the card and test. Sometimes it helps to power cycle the pedal.