Songs Vanishing

Anyone else having issues with Song files just vanishing out of BB Manager? I’ve been caught twice now with Synchronizing my BB manager to the SD card and all of a sudden, songs that used to be there are completely gone. Such a pain in the a** to have to re-build these songs if you haven’t exported a copy of the .sng file as a backup. I don’t know what’s going on here. Anyone experience this?

UPDATE: It turns out there’s something strange going on with the Saving/Opening of the project. When I’m in the project I’m simply clicking “Save” when I need to save a new song. Then I close the BB Manager down. Next time I open the manager, it’s opening the project but random songs are missing. I don’t know what’s going on.

Here’s another weird thing… the missing songs are on the SD Card when searching through the BB Pedal itself, however if I pull the SD card and load BB Manager directly from the card, those same songs are missing. Not sure how they can appear on the SD card but not in the BB Manger if you load the project from the SD Card.

Are you using any special characters to name the songs? What are the names of the songs that are on the card but missing from the BBM? Which version of the BBM are you using?

There aren’t any special characters. The songs are Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett, My Church - Maren Morris, Millionaire - Dr. Hook. Using version of BBM.
All three songs seem to be from the same folder - “M” folder (I have my folders structured A-Z).

I’ll test with My Church.

I did have a somewhat similar problem with a folder that had 98 songs. Every time I saved the project and synced it to my card, that song would be on the card but not the BBM. I started a new folder and so far, so good.

I had the song missing problem happen to me. Not sure what i did differently , but I lost about 20 to 25 songs. The only that saved me was I had backed them up on another card, that I did not update. Did not realize it when I went to the job, threw me for a loop.Will check from now on.

Took me a while to set it up as I had to revert to 1.6.4 and use a clean SD card. I just finished testing with with one of your songs, My Church - Maren Morris, and I cannot reproduce the missing song issue (I know that earlier versions of the BBM had problems dealing with even hyphens and I thought that could have a cause).

However, after reading posts #1 and 2 above, I’m wondering if the problem could be caused by a) working and saving to your SD card (while thinking that you are working from your computer bbworkspace); or, b) bbworkspace not set or it has changed.

A couple of checks to rule out either of these possible causes:

  • back up your bbworkspace to your desktop just to be safe; eject your SD card from your computer
  • make sure you don’t have multiple workspace folders spread about your computer; if you do, back them all up into a zip file and then delete the copies
  • open BBM Manager and hover over the Project Explorer and you should see the path to your computer’s bbworkspace; this is what my path is on my Mac
    [ATTACH=full]6484[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6485[/ATTACH]
    if it’s not set to the proper location, use BBM > Tools > Set Workspace Location to your bbworkspace in your computer Documents folder
  • open your project from the location you just set your bbworkspace location to; are the songs there? if not,
  • BBM File > Open > (navigate to your SD card) Project and follow the prompts to save the project to your bbworkspace (I’d give the project a new name); are your missing songs showing up in the BBM? if not,
  • consider updating your BBM to 1.6.5 or whatever the current version is for your computer; I think the caveat for 1.6.5 was to start a new bbworkspace folder so if you created a backup of your old workspace, you can delete the /Documents/bbworkspace folder from your computer;
  • use BBM > Tools > Set Workspace Location to your new workspace
  • BBM > Open > Project from your SD card and follow the prompts to save it to your bbworkspace
  • eject the SD card; and from BBM > Open > Project (whatever it was that you saved from your SD card to your workspace)

Are your missing songs appearing in the BBM? If not, you can contact me or Support via PM (it won’t hurt my feelings if you’d rather deal with Support :))

Thanks for all of the suggestions. So I created a new folder, loaded the missing songs. Saved the project to a new location. Loaded the project from the new location… songs are gone. Opened the project from the SD card which still has the songs… songs are gone in BB Manager. Saved to a new file (still within the BB Workspace though)… songs are still missing.
It occurred to me that every time I load one song… the file name disappears and I get an alpha-numeric name when I import it. I usually change the name to what it should be: Millionaire - Dr. Hook. This last time, I decided not to change the name… the songs stayed. I then renamed the song but did not include the period in the artist name and again the songs stayed. I decided to re-create the song and save it with a different name (no period). Songs remained. This is really weird because I have alot of songs with a period in them and they all stay. I guess for now I’ll just be happy to find what the glitch is and work with it… leads me to believe it’s poor programming though.

I was struggling with this recently as well. @shawno814 described a similar set of steps I took to try and reproduce the problem. I resintalled BB manager a couple times, deleted my workspace folders, trying to figure out what was going on.

FWIW I think the problem was when I renamed some of the song folders to:
“Cover Songs - Vol. 1
Cover Songs - Vol. 2”

BB Manager, for whatever reason, seemed to have an issue with the period in the folder name, and then spontaneously deleted many other song folders along with it (about 2/3 of them), but only in the BB manager, not from the SD card.

I have a feeling that since others have been able to reproduce similar errors, the staff should look into this as a bug to be fixed with future updates.

This is occurring on BB Manager v. 1.6.5 for me.

When naming your songs do not use any punctuation marks just letters. No commas ,exclamation points, hyphens, parentheses and such.

Hyphens and ampersands seem to be ok. Some of the premium content is named that way by default. For instance:
Cafe Gig-Cajon Essentials
Swung & Shuffle - Gig Essentials

Yes, I think that is exactly what it is. Instead of providing ad hoc solutions to the problem on this forum, the developers should just sit down and fix the problem!

Periods cause problems in the .csv files. In the above example, the original poster had a song named Millionaire - Dr. Hook. The dash would be fine. The period after Dr is not. Yes, this should be fixed, but, really, in the whole scheme of things, its an easy workaround.