Spammers should be deleted


Are Spammers being deleted ? It seems to be getting worse as others on Facebook have commented about it.


Yes they are hard at work dealing to spammers we only see a few they see lots


Sorry about that. We just deleted a whole bunch. It’s a constant battle… we’re looking for a better solution.


its a huge problem on alot of forum software there must be a way to validate people better than just an email and if thy spam then they should be hunted down and tickled till they promise not to do it again (i was going to suggest something more violent but though better of it.) Every post should have a simple human captiva type im human validation .


Having to enter a captcha every time you post will hurt legitimate people on forums though. It’s pretty hard to balance security vs convenience.


Yes captives are a pain but I’d rather do that as a user than have you guys hammered with spam. Some Captivas are very simply 4 digit ones that are easy to read they are not a pain it’s the ones with two words that have 10 or more characters and they are so hard to read that are a pain.


Simple captchas that are easy to read are actually pretty easy to be parsed with some text recognition automation software (like ABBYY FineReader) as well. Employing this very technique will mostly add PITA to the legitimate users while blocking only the dumbest ads bots around (that are a minority).


I’m guessing you’re using PhpBB, try this page/mod: … m_protect/




My decision have split itself… What should I do - write “Thank You” for an awesome suggestion, or flag as other service advertisement? :slight_smile:

I guess this should be looked into, though, as forum spam is definitely a huge deal that negatively affects BeatBuddy customers.


I see it is a commercial product but if it does what it says … For $8 a year I would even pay your first year for free to make the mods life easier