"Standard Drums" - What drums are they?

Would any of you know what brand and type of drums were used for the “Standard Drums” that came with the Beat Buddy? I was considering downloading the Yamaha Pro Maple set, but this may already be the drums that were used in the “Standard Drums” selection.

Yamaha Recording Custom

Hi Persist, thanks for that…please tell me if you know if the Yamaha Pro Drum kit that is available will be significantly different than what we have already in the default set? I do not wish to purchase it if it is very close to what we already have. I look forward to your response.

This might help you: “In contrast to the first Standard kit (Yamaha Recording Custom), Standard Pro is dryer-sounding with shorter sustain. It has a warm, recording studio character and packs plenty of punch. It is suitable for most contemporary music styles.” Source: http://mybeatbuddy.com/library/drum-sets/standard-pro-drum-set