Start and Stop MIDI

Hi All,

So I have a Fractal AX8 which has a decent looper in it. Right now the looper syncs fine with the tempo but does not respond to start | stop. After asking in the forum, the AX8 looper responds to Midi CC messages for the looper but not to what the beat buddy is sending out. Is there a way to have the beat buddy send user specified Midi CC messages when I press the beat buddy various buttons?


The BeatBuddy currently only can receive MIDI CC messages, not send them out, with the exception of the ‘Next Part’ CC message (after a transition).

I don’t know the AX8 software and MIDI implementation.
Currently (with FW 1.7.7 beta) the BeatBuddy start to play ONLY with this SysEx sequence: F0 FA F7
So if AX8 can send SysEx at start of the loop you resolve you question.