Start and Stop with pedal

Does anyone know if the BB footswitch can be used to start and stop the drum beat? It can be a bear to double click the pedal to stop the beat. What does anyone else do. looking for ideas. I am getting better at it. Thanks


I am pretty sure that if you have the footswitch+ connected, you can press a button on it to pause the beat. Once paused, you can press and hold the Beat Buddy pedal button, and it will cancel the beat altogether.

Using the footswitch+ (or other 2 button momentary footswitch), if you press one button, it will pause the drums and if you press it again, it bring the drums back in on the one. You just need to set one of the two buttons to be pause/unpause in the footswitch menu.

I have that. I would like it to end the song not pause it

Don’t know if you’ve done this or not however, you might want to review the firmware settings on the pedal for the foot switch. There are settings for the 1st and 2d switches to go to the outro which will end the song once the outro has completed playing. If you want to end the song immediately without playing any outro, you can replace the default outro using either a NULL or Empty MIDI file. Or you can simply delete the outro as well with the same outcome. Never a bad time to read the user guide and MIDI guide available from

In that case, I would go with my previous post of pausing with the footswitch+ followed by a long press on the main Beat Buddy pedal. That would stop the song.

Thanks. Good info

When the foot switch is hooked up, go to the menu on the main pedal and look for the foot switch. Everything you need is there. Here’s my setup…

  1. left button when stopped… previous song
  2. left button while playing … pause/stop
  3. right button when stopped… advance to next song
  4. right button while playing … play outro

Additionally, pressing/holding buttons will advance or backup in your folder list. Very useful.


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That’s great Thank you

Thanks. That worked great


That’s great Thank you