Starting beat without optional intro fill


How do I start a selected beat without having the optional intro fill play? I assume since the manual states, “optional intro fill” that there is a way to start a pattern without it. Thanks guys.


I think I found WORK AROUND…using a boss FS6 foot switch, I was able to start the beat without the intro fill. Start the intro fill and immediately hit the A switch to pause the intro fill. When you unpause, the beat starts without the intro fill. It isn’t ideal, but will work until we get the manager software…


Wow, that’s definitely a clever use of the BeatBuddy.

Moving this to Tips and Tricks.


I’m planning on doing that as well, and also going to turn volume down before starting the intro, so none of it is heard. Then pause via B footswitch. Turn up volume (with song still paused), start playing guitar, then hit B footswitch when ready for BeatBuddy to start… and hope I’m on the beat!


Why are you so opposed to using intro’s and outro’s? I think they are a very badass way to start a song with some cumbersome chords or arguable riffs.


Because not all songs start with the drummer. Purple Rain, Mr. Jones, e.g. I’m using this tonight in a live gig setting.


Most of my intros are 4 measures instrumental or 1 measure vocal only. I think an occasional drum machine intro would work, but not every song. The BB outro I’m learning to use. I’m awkward with outro now.


When I first tried BeatBuddy, I shared this feeling. But then I started recording the video in my signature, and when I got to the ending part, I suddenly realized that I must not fail. It helped :slight_smile:


Is there going to be a way to edit the optional intro and outro fill in the future? :?:


Yes, just as soon as the management software is released.