Starting BeatBuddy from external MIDI - misses out intro fill!

Hi guys

I’m driving my Beatbuddy from a Roland JD-XI keyboard, and also with a Moog Sub 37 using a MIDI cable.
It all works fine. As soon as I start pattern playback on the Roland, or I switch on the Arpeggiator on the Moog, the Beatbuddy starts playing at the correct tempo. So the basic MIDI system works correctly as expected BUT the Beatbuddy always starts playing the main drum section of whatever style/song has been selected.
How can I tell Beatbuddy to start playing with the Intro fill instead of jumping directly the main song section?
Conversely, when I stop the pattern playback or Arpeggiator. The beat buddy stops playing at the same time. Which again is correct, but it would be nice if it could play the ending pattern before stopping!

Are there any MIDI settings in the Beatbuddy to tell it how to behave when it receives MIDI start or end messages?

All advice grapefruitly received!


We all need full MIDI support…

Try the new firmware 1.41

There are options in the settings page within the BB. Press tempo and drum set buttons together and check out the settings.