Stereo in. Mono out mix


It would be great if the Beat buddy could have a feature that mixes the stereo input to a single mono output for instruments as well as utilising the other output for just the Beat Buddy drums.
Changing functionality via the Beat Buddy.

That would be super cool.

Yes, that would be very cool to have!
Also, I would love the BeatBuddy to have a hardware digitizer, so I could add a tuner to the current functionality.

This is a really nice idea for a BeatBuddy 2.0 with upgraded hardware!

Yeah. I look forward to it too.
Not sure if it can be easily integrated into the hardware but it would be really helpful.
It could be used as a line input mixer for instruments.
Have a great weekend.

I’d like that as well. Right now, I am using a Rolls personal monitor box on stage to get an instrument feed to my headphones (same signal that is going out to the PA) and also running the BeatBuddy signal separately into the right channel just for internal monitoring as a click track/tempo guide. Would be cool to eliminate some of the Y-splitters I am using and be able to do this out of various internal BeatBuddy mixing options.

Yeah. I play Chapman Stick which is a stereo instrument so it would be great to get rid of the mixer to sum the 2 sides together.
Let’s hope it gets implemented.
It makes sense if you’re a gigging musician.

Question: if you’re doing this why would you run the instrument through the Beat Buddy at all? Or would you still want the drums added to the instrument signal?

Running through the beat buddy would help to consolidate any cables.
It makes sense to use the 2 inputs from the instrument and have a mono out with the best buddy signal as well to go into an amp.
I do a lot of busking so it helps to keep the amount of gear (and power draw) to a minimum.
But it’s good to have an option to have a separate beat buddy output if needed.

Another thought: if there was some channel mixing capability added, you could have two different instruments plugged into the L & R inputs of the BB, and output in a mono mix in one channel, with the BB output in the other channel, or mixed with the instruments. Would make for a very compact setup.

Thats exactly what I would love to have.

This is definitely a great idea, however any audio inputs processing options are very limited on the BeatBuddy. Would be nice to have in the next product generation, though!