Stomp Box Beat

Simple kick beat. No Intros, fills or transitions. Great for acoustic songs; similar to how a percussive stomp box sounds.

I set the Main Pedal Start Beat to be on Press, then tap the tempo on the extension footswitch.

I appreciate this one- works perfect for a couple of tunes we do (Xavier Rudd “Fortune Teller”), thanks for posting it!

Check out the Simple Beats here: I made the Simple Beats collection after this; I wanted to have a list of beats that you could pretty much play any song with.

Love the Simple Beats ruairiau! Do you or does anyone else have a simple beat with just the bass drum on the 1 & 3 count? I’m new so I may be over thinking this or there’s probably something basic I’m missing. (I know I could slow down the tempo on the Kick 4/4, but I need one with bass on 1 & 3 when using the kick file in other songs.) There are many songs where just a bass hit is required, and then the rest of the drums come in. What I need is to have 2 main drum loops. One with just the kick on 1 & 3, and then the other main drum loop. Since you can only have 1 tempo per song, I’ve got kick 4/4 kicking on all four counts, and then the following loop kicking on 1 &3.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. I use the tap tempo on the foot controller, so you’re not limited to 1 tempo per song. You can see what I’m doing here:

Thanks ruairiau! I guess it was something basic I was missing… Forgot about the foot tempo control. That helps get the tempo at the beginning. Is it possible to jump between to parts without having to change the tempo each time? For example, song I’m working on

Part 1: Kick 93 tempo
Part 2: Marengue (underneath Latin) at 186 tempo
*The Kick Drum at 93 temp matches the kick drum on Marengue at 186.
If I transition from Part 1 to 2 the tempo is still 93. I need Kick at 93 and Marengue at 186 to keep the same kick drum tempo and be able to go back and forth. (I guess what I was saying earlier was if Part one Kick could be at 186 tempo and only hit on 1 & 3)

Is there a way to go back and forth from Part 1 and Part 2 without changing the tempo? Sorry for the confusion. Learning the ropes here lol.

I think Singular has said that there will be a half-time/double-time feature on the new Midi pedal. What you would need to do now is essentially rewrite one of the part at half or double time such that you maintain a constant 93 or 186. Are these parts Rock 93 and Marengue 186 stock Singular beats? If they are let me know where I can find them, and I’ll show you how this would be put together.

Sweet. Thanks Phil! One is stock.
Part 1 where the temp at 93 is the Kick 4/4 from ruairiau “simple beats” pack.
Part 2 where the temp is 186 is stock. It’s under Latin called Marengue (3-2)

OK. Much easier than I thought. What you you is make the kicks half speed. I did up both the plain kick and the kick hat for you at half speed, and made up a little demo with two of the Merengue patterns. Works great. Unzip the attached file. You’ll get the .sng file which has the 2 merengue patterns and the 2 altered kick patterns from Ruairiau, and the two altered kick midi patterns by themselves ready to insert into a song. You are not locked into 93/186 with this. (It is 186, by the way.) You can change the beat up or down, and, like any good BB loop it will still work just fine.

Thanks Phil! This is exactly what I was looking for! It’ll help for many songs. This song in particular for this case was Jimmy Buffett’s “One Particular Harbor.” The midi files surely will come in handy. Thank you so much!!

Hey ruairiau, where is your beat available? Is the link lost after the change to the new forum?

Looks like the link was broken. I’ve edited the post an fixed the link.