Stop Infinity from autostarting when BB begins

HOW do i stop the infinity from playing the loop as soon as the BB begins. I would like to decide when the loop should begin at my discretion.

On the infinity set it to not obey midi start/stop. Keep the BB as master clock and on recent firmware option set to not send midi notes.

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BeatBuddy sends MIDI Start command when beginning to play, and MIDI Stop when ending.

My Boomerang III reacts differently depending on whether it was playing any loops before it received MIDI Stop. If yes, then Rang will automatically start playing all the loops that were previously playing when the next MIDI Start is received. If no loops were being played when BeatBuddy was stopped - it will not start playing anything, in fact ignoring MIDI Start entirely.

I am really curious whether Infinity acts the same or not.

By the way, did you know that firmware allows you to choose when MIDI Start would be sent - either exactly at the moment you press the pedal and Intro kicks in, or when Intro ends and the first main part starts? Press both Tempo and Drum Set knobs simultaneously to access the pedal main menu.

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you`ll have to use the application, go to tools, then global boot settings, then you can choose to ignore midi start…

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