Stop start function

Can we please have the following option added (without midi maestro)

Im playing part 1 out of 3, I want to select part 3 while still playing part one and use the stop start button to stop part 1 and transition into 3. It makes a much more interesting transition having silence in between parts so I can fill the silence with lead or vocals. The problem is when I have part 3 selected and I hit stop start it stops part 1 and starts part 1 even when I selected part 3. Doesn’t make any sense to me at all!

On the BeatBuddy Manager create Transaction Fill, but leave it empty.
That’s how you get your silence between the song’s parts.


I do not believe we are not going to make a feature to support this behavior. The problem is that the part you have selected is reset when you stop, the part does not stay selected and the selection revert to the part you are on.

It’s possible we could allow the selection of the part to not be reset when you stop the Aeros, I can see if that works.

You’re saying you want both the Aeros and the BeatBuddy to stop after part 1 and then once you start up again be in part 3 no?

All you would have to do now is set the Aeros to part 3 after stopping. This would work to get the behavior you want.

Let me know if I missed something,

Thank you!

Or have a midi controller that you have the individual song parts assigned to footswitches, which after stopping, would take you directly to the the selected part.

thanks for the feedback, yes im saying I want to select part 3 (for example) while one is still playing so as to have part 3 queued up then have a quick one or 2 second stop/start at the end to have a small gap in the music so I don’t have to tap dance a quick stop/change part to 3 and start again, its too tricky while playing lead or singing to fill in the gap.

“It’s possible we could allow the selection of the part to not be reset when you stop the Aeros, I can see if that works.”

yes that would be perfect! why does it reset anyway?

yes it takes me to the part but doesn’t play it so its still a tap dance.

A Midi foot controller will accomplish what you are asking for.

I here you but I definitely think its an option they could add to firmware

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Hey, we’re looking into doing this!

so great to hear man! And please let me know if I can help with beta firmware as I am not using this live yet and would be happy extensively testing any updates. I have just bought the midi maestro too

They release beta firmware for everyone that wants to test. Then once they deem it usable it’s put up as a solid firmware.


so we just have to keep on checking this forum for news of beta release or is there a way of getting notified?

Yes just keep looking back on this forum, especially in this section here

Or if you’re on facebook, then join the aeros group there for updates and other info.

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