Strange issue

See attached midi of Kiss by Prince, I usually put a hi hat count in on songs, for some strange reason BB Manager will not play the count in. Tried everything, nothing seems to work. I even tried to trick it by adding a longer count in, it will only every start when the bass comes in. I also exported it back out and imported back in to Pro Tools and I see the count in is there, very strange.

This one has me completely baffled, I want to see if someone can add this midi to a new song in BB manager to see what they get (tempo 112)

Thank you!!

Here 'ya go. The BBM only sees and plays 1 note of your count-in. I edited the file in Logic Pro X by trimming (removing) the count-in section and adding it back in with your count-in notes. It works now. As to exactly what was wrong, I have no idea. Perhaps someone else can tell you. Here’s the edited MIDI file.

Awesome, that worked. Really appreciate this Persist!

Yeah, it’s a strange one, I have done 100’s of songs in the same manner, no idea why it decided to clip count in this time.

When I get that it’s always from source files I find on the internet and it’s almost always because of an embedded midi command such as a program change. Like if I insert a count in measure, which moves everything including the commands over 1 measure, I’ll get part of the count in or none at all. Getting rid of it or moving to where I want to start my count fixes it in most cases although sometimes it still doesn’t. Even though BB doesn’t execute them I think midi commands are interpreted or accounted for somehow.

Don’t know why and may be coincidence but it’s worked for me in almost all cases. I just say that because sometimes getting rid of a command or moving it completely messes up how BB plays the file.

If I have trouble with a file I converted using Logic, one of my first troubleshooting steps is to eliminate all of the midi data that is not notes. Logic let’s you display the midi data stream and filter it. Control changes, program changes, etc., get cut. After that I have track of just notes, and I can manipulate them as I desire then merge into a single track for the B.B.

Yeah I’ve seen you post that before which is why I do it. You’ve also suggested cutting empty space at the end of the file which has also fixed problems for me in the past. I think I run into this particular problem most when I add a count in measure.

However, I also run into a song or two in the past that even when I do all that, the file still won’t play correctly. If I can remember the file(s) that gave me that problem I’ll send it to you. Maybe you’ll see something.