STUCK IN THE MIDDLE (WITH YOU) - Stealer's Wheel, Gerry Rafferty (OPB)

Another re-do … added the correct intro (as in the recording and attached video) after an 8 beat hi-hat count in. Cheatsheet reflects new intro and new intro tab as well. Temp has been adjusted. Slide tabs are now corrected. Uses NP STANDARD PRO BASS.



Thank you, great song

Thanks for the song Phil… Really nice work on the re-do… Perfect song to play for whoever you are stuck in the house with while this raccoon virus has altered our normal way of life… It always gets smiles…

Cheers… :beers:

Hi Phil - another of your efforts put to good use by us Thanks. It clearly has HARF as others point out (high audience recognition factor) and we enjoy playing it. Brings some nice energy out. Video from a Riverfront Concert a few days ago.


Glad you like it! You’re my biggest fan! So, which if the 3 are you???

White shirt on the right. Thankful to be able to bargain off your creative skill curating this one and one of my other favorites Comfortably Numb. Along with Persist, Phil Flood and others I think it helps separate our performance from just 'good classic rock ’ by bringing the added depth of enhanced backing tracks but avoiding going over the line restricting the life of a live performance.

BTW - speaking of creative talent I’ve shared pictures of your impressive luthier skill with a number of appreciative folks.

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Thanks for the compliments. Love the building of guitars… working on another now.

Btw… if you have a list of tunes you need, let me know. I might already have them or can add them to my “to do” list.

Thanks for these (and the others I’ve archived). Your range of interest in these designs and skill to match is impressive. I thought to attend Roberto-Venn years ago since I have relatives in Scottsdale. Like many it remains just a dream.

And where are you? I’m in Kentucky. Moved here 10 yrs ago from NY.

Glad I got the credit correct for my YouTube video and music posts (Phil from Kentucky).

After a childhood spent in NJ I’ve lived in Massachusetts just east of Providence RI and less than an hour from open ocean.

How come I sometimes can hear the bass on my BB and others not? I do not know what I’m doing to make the bass instr play on the pedal (perhaps holding the pedal down for 2 seconds then pressing the start and stop twice on MM?) but in BBM the bass never plays no matter what.

What I’d do for a tutorial on this!

See this thread Mr. Jones - DOP & OPB (UPDATED yet again) - #22 by persist