Garden Grove
40 oz to Freedom
Bad fish
Caress Me Down
Smoke Two Joints
Wrong Way
Doing Time
April 29 1992

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Did you ever find these songs? I would love all of these as well.

Pick one and a couple of alternatives in case I can’t find MIDI source files; I’ll try to work it up as a one-press with bass sometime in the next couple of weeks.


Garden Grove would be amazing!

PS - Thank you for all that you do in this community. I spent an hour downloading content last night and your name came up over and over :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’ll see what I can do. Could not find many source for Sublime when the original request was made. :pensive:

How do you go about looking? Are you searching for midi files and then converting them somehow? Perhaps I can help.

I search the Internet for free Garden Grove MIDI source files and I then preview it in a DAW (digital audio workstation) for length and general accuracy; then I try to pick the best match (assuming there’s several files to choose from). I also check Ultimate Guitar. There are commercial source files available but I usually don’t bother with those unless the user wants to pay for and provide that particular MIDI source file.

Unfortunately, I could not find anything for Garden Grove so if you have a couple of alternate choices, I’ll do some more searching. If you prefer, I’ll choose one from the list and run with that.

Santeria is here but it could probably use an update: Santeria OPB 2018-08-27 - Sublime

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Santeria-_Sublime.sng (737.2 KB)

It’s been a while but I think I changed the outro

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Could not find a MIDI source file for the song so I elected to transcribe Badfish.

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Thank you!

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