it is a drum kit a user made that can play strum like guitar parts as well as bass

How do you get the bass part to play? What piece of equipment? I have a Roland GR-55. Would that work?

You can only play .sng files with bass. Look under Resources and you will find many songs with bass.

All of the songs I’ve downloaded with bass sound aweful. Weak and phony. I’d like to see more songs without bass and if there are those who like the bass added, have that as an option as well.

You can use the same .sng file. All you need to do is select a drumkit with no bass and you will just get the drums and no bass

I think they are pretty cool. And I’m a bass player. I have a Bose L1, everything sounds good through that. It can even make me sound good.

I agree with ScottyMac. Most of them are pretty dang good. I found that you can get rid of the clicking by making sure that there aren’t any multiple layers on the bass tracks. You get them when you copy and paste without deleting and you add another layer. Also when the bass markers are too close together. That funny phase sound in the drums is caused by multiple layers too. I guess if it doesn’t suit your taste for a solo band, get a bass player.

I looked at the Bose systems and heard different opinions. Are you happy with yours? Is it enough to push through a bigger venue?

Mine is the L1 with tonematch port and 1 bass module. It is the middle of the 3 'stick" Bose models 12 speaker array.
I have not even gone past 10 on the trim and this thing shakes the walls!! I just have a cheap Alesis 8 mixer and a spit stereo input.
The BB sounds amazing through it. Bose is the best in my opinion, the sound is never overdriven.

Audience of up to 300 with mine. The L2 can reach 500 people.

I expanded on Guitar Stu’s “drums with bass” drum kit to add some of the instruments that were missing, but kept popping up in the midi songs I was trying to use, like tambourine, crash2, etc, and called it “Superbass”

Later, I found a library of guitar strums, and added them to Superbass, so it’s SuperBassG. Strummy songs like Sublime What I Got or Bob Seger Night Moves can sound interesting as back up using SuperBassG… it frees you up to play more melodic guitar parts.

I should post more songs using the actual guitar strum.

I have several other cool kits in the works, but they depend on a few features that aren’t out yet. Imagine having a mellotron at your foot? :slight_smile:


aash, YOU DA MAN!!! thank you, I just want to spend time getting better and improving my setlist, and playing.
You are making that possible with these drumsets and songs. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.