Swap Buttons is Gone -- but Knows What I Had Set

This is actually pretty minor, but I thought you should lknow…

So on the previous firmware releases, I had (and used) the option to swap buttons. With the latest firmware, I no longer have that option; instead, I can program them from scratch from the interface. Same net effect, and maybe a bit more of a direct approach. Makes sense to me.


Except, I had swapped buttons before I updated the firmware, and, after the update, the pedal somehow remembers that I swapped them. Which means when I program Switch 1, I actually affect the function of Switch 2, and vice versa.

Note that if I do a Pedal Detect, the main pedal figures out which switch is which, and everything goes back to normal (did I mention it was pretty minor?).

I’ll report it as a bug in case anyone else was switch-swapping, along with the work-around.


Same issue here. In fact it may have been like this since previous update for me but I might not have realised. Settings for switch 1 were affecting switch 2 and vice versa until I went through the footswitch detection again.