Swing MIDI file


Found this online for free looking for Western Swing. It has some good parts but needs edited for use in BB.
DESCRIPTION: A swing (ie, triplet-based) ballad beat that would be appropriate for slow (76 BPM) standards of the 1930’s, 1940’s, and especially 1950’s. Typical songs might be “The Great Pretender”, “Unchained Melody”, and “As Time Goes By”.


I tried to download this file as it seems to be exactly what I am looking for. Where did you find it on line? I have a Mac computer and tried to unzip the file and it fails. I did open it on a Windows machine but when I imported it into a song on the BB all I heard was an initial crash cymbal? Any thoughts? I am a new BB user of recent so I’m not well instructed on creating new beats, songs etc. ins and outs.


Looks like the MIDI notes are not aligned with the available notes in BB. You can double click this MIDI file and Windows will play it. If its what you need it will need MIDI editing. I was not something I needed but thought someone might think it worth working on.


Rather than editing that midi file… here is one that is very similar. I’ve attached the midi files and the .sng file which has both parts and a fill. The main Stick loop was taken off of the GrooveMonkee website and the Snare loop came from a simple edit to the stick loop. Hope it helps.


Thanks, that is an old standard that I can probably use. It works! yay