Swininng Blue Jeans, Elvis, Shireless, Paul Anka

Hi everyone

I’m looking for the following songs:

The swining blue Jeans - Don’t make me over

The Shireless - Will you still love me tomorrow

THe Beatles - Bad boy

Elvis - Surrender

Paul Anka - put your head on my shoulder

I do not know what the formats mean, but I’m looking for the entire compositions without guitar.

Best regards


I’ll work up Bad Boy.

UPDATE: I found an MIDI source file for Surrender and will work that up too.

I’m posting the Paul Anka song.

I also just finished Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.

Don’t Make Me Over is probably better know for the Dionne Warwick version in the States. I do have a karaoke track for the Swinging Blues version that I could make into a backing track+drum kit version, if that would work for you. The tempo would not be adjustable.