Switch in main pedal needs to be replaced

Hi everyone. I have used my beat buddy intensively for the last half year. Now, the nut has come loose that holds the switch in place inside the main pedal, as a consequence, it does not react anymore to pressing the pedal. I have opened the mail pedal to simply fasten the nut again, but to my horror, I had to find out that it is inaccessible!! I assume that the switch is fastened to the electronic part which is then inserted in the main body and glued to the frame. there are now screws anywhere to release the electronic part with the switch from the main body to then fasten the nut. With other guitar pedals (like Boss), you simply unscrew the pedal and there you go… Has anyone had the same problem or does anybody know how to access and fasten that nut? Thanks a lot, Claudio.

If it’s still under warranty, @BeatBuddy_Support will be able to help you – they’ve been spectacular for me. If not, and you want to take a swing at it, I think the easiest way to get to it is to remove the tread, which requires that push the pin hinge pout. It’s a single bar that spans the full width of the tread. You’ll need to push it out from one side and then pull it from the other.

If you try that, makes sure you’ve got some blue Loctite. When you put the bar hinge back, add a drop to the very end of the bar so it stays in place.

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Thanks a lot for the quick advice. I will try this method. Unfortunately, I fiddled around with the tread myself, so the warranty got lost…

RE : the warranty got lost

Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. Talk to @BeatBuddy_Support about what you’ve already done yourself before you go further. What you’ve done may be non-invasive enough that you are still covered. Maybe not, but you don’t know until you ask.

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@claudio1 Send me an email to support@singularsound.com - we will work out a solution.

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See? Told ya @BeatBuddy_Support would be willing to help! That’s why I love these guys – they stand behind their products!

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I really love seeing these kinds of threads. Thank you Singular Sound for standing behind your product and your users!


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Wow, thanks a lot guys, It looks as if the producer is more willing to help than the shop that sold me the gear…

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We absolutely love seeing happy BeatBuddy fans, as we know just how important the BeatBuddy is to the musical experience. We definitely stand behind our products, 100%! Just remember to spread the good word, so nobody else misses out. :wink:

@claudio1 Check your email, we will get you back up on your feet again.

Guys, you are just awesome. I sent a picture of the Beat Buddy foot pedal to the support and they tell me to send it in for inspection. With all likelihood, they will let me have a replacement!!!

Thanks a lot guys, that is great customer service - and I will let the guy at the shop know for sure! If I have a forum like this, why do I ever ask the shop manager??



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