Switched off?

Last night at a gig we were playing away with BB and everything going well untill suddenly in the middle of a song the BB stopped and restarted as if it had been plugged out. Very frightening and a little bit embarrassing to say the least. Did this ever happen to anyone else?

To date, this has only happened to me when I incorrectly operated the foot switches. Fortunately, that’s only been during practice, not during performance.

Make sure you are using the latest firmware, there were a small number of software errors that lead to random resets. Those were fixed in the latest builds.

Yes. it has…freaks me out. and…its quite embarrassing

Please make sure you have the latest firmware (1.85) on your BeatBuddy: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/beatbuddy-firmware-update-control-how-drunk-your-beatbuddy-gets-and-more-version-1-85.5702/

This is very important since the random reset issue was fixed. If after upgrading your firmware this issue continues to happen, let us know.

Check your firmware version by going into the settings menu on your BeatBuddy (press down ‘tempo’ and ‘drumset’ knobs at the same time), then select the About BeatBuddy menu option, and in it you should see Version: FIRM-1.8.5 on the second line.

When was this a problem, and in what version was it fixed?

It didn’t affect all the BeatBuddys, only a certain number of them. The issue was officially fixed in this version of the firmware, but originally fixed in one of the 1.7x beta versions I believe.

it happens to me to all the time after about 3 hours playing it just stops and restarts’and just the other day it went all berserk so it’s in with a technician hoping he can fix it soon

You need to make sure you have the latest firmware. In the majority of cases, it is a firmware bug, not a hardware issue.

I have actually had the power cord get pulled out of the socket until I learned to fasten the pedal down firmly and not with Velcro. The fitting is not as tight as some pedals out there are. I bolted it direct to the pedalboard and had no problem since. I know this is a hardware problem but it does sometimes happen. People use a lot of Velcro to tie their pedals down and they will move. I never had my Beat Buddy reset by itself but I also do upgrades the minute they come out. Tie the BB pedal down tight. It also helps with loose cables.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.