the bb I’m using is malfunctioning. the midi signals have slowed the tempo and lowered the key in the pigtronix infinity it is sending messages to. Is there a fix for this? Can I exchange this bb for one that works properly? I have worked with bb for a long time to get it show worthy and now that I and the band have gotten tight with bb it decides to malfunction. Help! I really need to know how to fix this.

Maybe somehow enabled varispeed in Infinity?
“3.15 Varispeed Varispeed allows you to change the pitch (and speed) of your looped audio by altering the recording and playback sample rate. This change can be made in real time using an expression pedal, remote switch, or MIDI. Further details are provided in the Remote Switch section (page 33), Expression Pedal Functions (page 39) and MIDI section (page 43). Push and hold down the Reverse switch to allow user control of Varispeed. The sample rate can be set anywhere between 48 kHz to 12 kHz. As the sample rate is increased or decreased, both the pitch and length of the recorded audio changes. The sample rate is a global parameter and affects both loops simultaneously. Playback Sample Rate Recording Sample Rate 12 kHz 24 kHz 48 kHz 48 kHz 2 Octaves Down 1 Octave Down Same Pitch (Default) Quarter Speed Half Speed Same Speed 24 kHz 1 Octaves Down 1 Same Pitch 1 Octave Up Half Speed Same Speed Double Speed 12 kHz Same Pitch 1 Octave Up 2 Octaves Up Same Speed Double Speed Quadruple Speed During Recording or Playback, you can use the Varispeed Remote Control Menu, the Expression pedal, MIDI commands, or MIDI Clock to adjust the sample rate as desired. The current sample rate is saved at the same time that your current loop is saved. Sample-rate changes cannot be undone or redone using standard Undo or Redo functionality however, you can snap to any desired sample rate using the remote switch. In ARM mode, pressing both Remote Switches at the same time will snap the sample-rate to the sample-rate used to record the currently armed Loop. In ALL mode it will always snap to the sample-rate used to record Loop 1. This behavior will save whether the recording sample-rate was set using the Remote Switch or the Expression Pedal and set the Infinity’s state accordingly. Caution: By default, loop audio that is recorded at 48 kHz can only get longer and lower in pitch. To enable spedup, shorter, and pitched-up loops, this initial recording rate must be lowered before recording audio. There are many ways to change the sample rate on the Infinity. Some of them are best thought of as sample rate changes, while others are best thought of as pitch changes. All of them change both the pitch and length of recorded material. See the table on the next page for a listing of how pitch changes relate to loop length. When using Varispeed, the expression pedal provides control over the complete range of sample rates. It is mapped to control the sample rate using Expression Mapping (page 39) or while in the Varispeed Remote Control Menu. For more precise changes, the Remote Switch can change the sample rate by a pre-defined musical interval. By default, Reverse halves the sample rate (octave down) and Undo doubles it (octave up). The pitch change controlled by the Reverse and Undo switches can be custom set (on a preset-specific basis) to other intervals, using the Infinity Application (for example, up 4 semitones and down 4 semitones). For more information, see the Varispeed Remote Control Menu in the Remote Switches section on page 33. Complete MIDI mapping allows you to change pitch by sending MIDI Notes, and also tracks changes in the MIDI Beat Clock’s tempo. For a complete understanding of these controls, see the MIDI Section on page 48. CHAPTER 3. INFINITY RULES 28 # of Semitones Interval Up Speed (%) Down Speed (%) 1 Minor Second .94 1.07 2 Major Second 0.89 1.13 3 Minor Third 0.83 1.2 4 Major Third 0.8 1.25 5 Perfect Fourth 0.75 1.33 6 Diminished Fifth 0.70 1.42 7 Perfect Fifth 0.67 1.50 8 Minor Sixth 0.63 1.6 9 Major Sixth 0.60 1.67 10 Minor Seventh 0.56 1.80 11 Major Seventh 0.53 1.88 12 Perfect Octave 0.50 2.00…”
Hope that helps…

Good Morning Dennis,
Thankyou so much for the info. You have saved the day. The band members are getting together today to rehearse and I was at a loss how to correct this. It now works perfectly as always. Obviously I hit and held the reverse switch during my thousands of times hitting the undo switch. Through it all and with your help I now know how to operate the reverse switch. A major switch I now know in BB. OK, Thanks again, Moedecker

Fine, glad to help you.

Hello Dennis, After using the infinity the last couple of days I find that when I turn it on and start strumming away everything is fine and then on it’s own it changes speed and keys. I have figured out sorta how to put it back to the proper tuning so I can carry on playing but for 2 days now when I turn it on, begin playing, after about 30 sec. maybe a minute it will change on it’s own. Can you help me correct this please? Thankyou.