Synch BB with piano synth


I’m guitarist and have recently got BB. After some effort I finally learned how to play it, how to create new midi loops, aerate fills, set levels etc. I’ve created my loops for about 20 songs (jazz and latin standards, funk and blues mainly) and realize that BB has great potential for my projects.

Next thing is to include a piano player in my future band of two and here am a bit stacked. The idea is to have a piano synth (Yamaha psr or moxf6 -8, still to buy) where bass line would come from synth loop (style), drum from BB and guitar and piano-synth lines on top played by us (we might have a singer too).

Did anybody try to synch a synth loops with BB? How to have a strong midi synch between two (master-slave wise) but let rhythm to be driven by BB as the synth Styles alone might sound to me mechanical sometimes. Finally, what synth is best suited for this purpose?

Many thanks in advance

Despite I haven’t actually tried, but synchronzing BeatBuddy with any other MIDI-enabled device should work by default.
No setup on the BeatBuddy side is required to enable MIDI sync.