Synchronising projects

I use my BeatBuddy in two bands. Is there any way of being able to have sync available for two different cards? At the moment, when I change cards, I have to wait an age for the edited project to be exported. I’d also like to have the same option for different set/playlists.

I’m not 100% sure I understand what you’re asking, so I’ll throw a bunch of stuff at the wall, see what sticks…

So, there’s Export, and there’s Synch. Export deletes and rebuilds the content on your cards, while Synch copies the differences only. Synch is usually very fast, export takes a bit of time.

I have two completely different set lists depending on the bar I’m playing. Both three-set nights fit easily on a single 4Gb card, so I only have one project that contains both, and I use Synch almost exclusively. So my basic answer is, why not just have both sets on the same card?

Barring that, yes, I BELIEVE you can have two different projects, each synched to a different card.

If you end up using just one project with different sets, the other thing to remember is that Synch only copies songs and parts, but does not affect your pedal settings, but if you export, it wipes any custom settings you’ve put into your pedals. For example, I still have the original latching outboard pedal, and I swap their functions when the BB is running (Left is Pause/Go, Right is Accent Hit); After an export, my BB forgets what kind of pedal I have and swaps the functions back, so it has to be reprogrammed.

So, does any of that help?

Thanks for your answer, JoeInOttawa. It suggests you do understand. I have several set lists on each card anyway. I wanted to keep the two bands entirely separate is all.