Synchronize throws annoying alerts

When I go to synchronize a project to SD card, a series of apparently meaningless, and annoying, alerts is generated.

I don’t understand the purpose of these alerts. There is nothing actionable for me to do, and other than forcing me to click “OK” a dozen times, they serve no purpose.
Or do they? Can somebody explain the purpose of these alerts?

Are you using version 1.65 of the BBManager?

I just installed BBM, and the issue persists. When syncing, I get one of those alerts for I guess each of the songs in a folder of mine (created via BBM) titled “MY SONGS”. 8 songs, 8 alerts.

Although the developers believe it has been fixed, you’re not the only user recently reporting this symptom.

A quick suggestion: look for and correct songs and folder titles that have non-alphabet characters such as ’ & > "

Were any functions in the BBWorkspace performed outside of the BBM e.g., using the computer operating system to copy, paste or move files or folders? If so, that could be a cause. If you did this, contact me via PM and I’ll see what can be done to help you this.

Can you upload a screen shot like this of the folder and the enclosed songs, please?

When I sync to SD card I also get loads of alerts!! BBManager

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