System of a Down - Chop Suey

A few notes on this Song File

  • In the orignal recording the bass guitar and drums are tacet for the first 8 bars of the intro, except for a fill at the start of bar 5. I’ve added a soft kick drum through that section to keep the time (as I’m a bassist). This is a single 8 bar midi file that includes the fill. You don’t need to anything until bar 8 when you kick the transition into pt2 of the intro and the tom drum groove.

  • Just after 2:05 minutes you transition out of the bridge into the fast havy section. I had a few problems with the BB software and how to program this piece so I had to hack it a little bit (luckily it’s fairly slow part of the song making the foot work a bit easier to focus on). Follow this pattern

  • on the bridge; let play for 3 bars then play the fill on the 4th

  • once the pattern starts again, on the 2nd bar transition to the next song part

  • this is a 2 bar midi file, after the crash cymbols transition again to the next pat

  • immediately transition out of the next song part which (it only lasts 1 bar)
    you’re then on the heavy part

  • This section of the song is made up of 3 drum slightly differing patterns, each lasting 4 bars. Transition between them as you normally would.

  • There aren’t many fills through the song as most of the parts transition after 4 bars. This next section is the only other point where there is a fill. On the 4th bar, play the fill, on the 8th play the transition.

  • The outro is then the slow beat. On the original recording there’s lots of crash cymbols going on here. the basic pattern is included in the midi file but feel free to use the accent hit to add more :slight_smile:

  • There is no outro midi file, instead transition into the last song part which is a single BD + Crash cymbol on the first beat affair. End the song with either the footswitch or the normal double tap when you are ready.

Hope all this makes sense, message me if not. Also open to any feedback or changes that need to be made.

Do you have the link to this download song file you speak of please?

That user doesn’t seem to be very active lately. Here’s a link to another version Chop Suey OPBk 2018-10-09 - System of a Down