Tap Tempo Doubling Tempo?

It seems that the tap tempo is doubling the tempos I tap with the footswitch - I’m a new user trying to get BeatBuddy ready for it’s first gig this weekend. I have the additional foot switch and have a Mac, atlhough it’s not hooked up to it.

If you have not updated the firmware to 1.8.5 yet, you might want to do so.

I have BB Manager on my Mac now, with the BeatBuddy connected to the Mac through the USB on the keyboard, it doesn’t automatically see it - can you update the firmware like that, or do you need a SD card reader? I don’t have one and would have to pick one up if that is the case - or do I need to connect directly to the Mac via the USB ports on the back of the Mac?

If you don’t have an SD slot on your Mac, you will need to buy or borrow an external USB SD card slot reader. They shouldn’t be too expensive. Once you install 1.8.5 on the SD card (it takes 2-3 minutes) and plug it into your pedal, make sure you don’t interrupt the power to the pedal until the firmware update completes. Doesn’t take long.

Which Mac OS version are you using?