Tap Tempo on external footswitch overrides 'direction' on main switch to start

Sort of complicated title. It I want to tap tempo using an external footswitch then I have to tap on the footswitch in time with the beat then on the main switch I have to ‘reverse’ the direction of the beat so that I release the switch in time. Yes, with the new firmware I can select to have the main footswitch detect the press rather than release but then I lose the functionality of being able to stop the beatbuddy by holding the main switch when paused.

What I would love is that when you tap tempo on an external switch then the main switch waits for the press to start. Also if the delay on the tap tempo could be removed at that point as you are detecting a different switch it shouldn’t be needed. Right now the process is tap, tap, tap, wait, start on release. It would be nicer just to go tap, tap, tap, start of press without the wait. The current process works with a bit of practice but not having to would be nicer

Edit: being able to assign one of the external footswitches to start/stop on press would also work for this

Loving the new firmware though :slight_smile: