Tap tempo Screen

Occasionally out of nowhere the tap tempo screen remains after I adjust the tempo with the footswitch button and doesn’t return to the main screen. BB main pedal is connected to the footswitch and is also running midi out to a looper. I’ve never had this problem before and this happens mid song, beginning, whatever and one needs to see the main screen while performing. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this or what the problem may be. I also have songs in the pedal from BB manager. Could it be I need to re download material from BB manager to the main pedal? Just guessing. Thanks all.

If you have not done so yet, install f/w 1.8.5

What was the fixed solution for this Tap Tempo coming on and off the screen by itself? Mine is doing this again. I can’t press play when Tap Tempo is on the screen. And when I do, it just goes to outro by itself, or if in pause position, it just plays by itself. Even if all the cables are disconnected.

Hi, creed. One more thing to try:

  • backup your project
  • format SD card (or try a new card)
  • install firmware 1.8.5
  • test the tap tempo issue; only if it tests okay should you
  • restore your project to the card

If this does fix the issue, please contact Support, support@singularsound.com

I’m having the same problem although I’ve been formating the SD card and installed my project again on it from BeatBuddy Manager and restored default settings on the pedal. The firmware I have is 1.8.5. Further more, transition get stucked looping again and again. My BeatBuddy is getting crazy and it’s just one year and a half old. Anything else I can do to bring it back to life?

Does the Transition get stuck only on the pedal or does it also get stuck using the BBM? Does it happen on all songs or any song in particular? Does it happen with all cables to pedal (except power) disconnected?

Which version of the BBM are you using? Could you please provide a screen shot of your BBM screen and the song that tends to get stuck?

The transition get stuck only on the pedal. The SD card works perfectly on the computer using BBM (versión It happens to all songs that the screen is changing constantly from tap tempo to the main screen and most of the times nothing happens if I tap the main pedal or the footswitch. If I can start a song, transition starts without taping or holding the pedal. The pedal is completely crazy, I cannot control it. Even if cables are disconnected. If you want to I could make a video recording of what’s happening next weekend. :frowning:

Send me an email at support@singularsound.com - if this is all happening on its own, even with a new card and backup files, along with firmware 1.85, then I need to replace your pedal.

I have the same problem, but I can get the main pedal back out of tap tempo by holding the main pedal switch on for a few seconds. This is my second pedal, as the first one died after 18 months. I thought it may have been a setting problem, but nothing I’ve tried fixes the problem. Holding the pedal switch is frustrating, as it slows down my transitions between tempo changes. Looks like another new pedal coming up.