Tap2Find in BB

This feature would be gold for the BB

Imagine assigning a Hi hat, Snare or bass drum to the foot switch pedal and tapping to find a similar groove !

It’s like communicating directly with my drummer !

Totally love it in Ezdrummer 2

Now that’s cool. While that was playing I was thinking of some songs to make up with that. One of these days!

This is an incredible idea! It would definitely be a cool feature to have in the BeatBuddy Manager and/or the BeatBuddy to find the songs that fit the style you are searching for. Will be passing this on. :slight_smile:

I knew you would love it and hope it will be possible to implement with the BB.

I’ve had Ezdrummer 2 for a week and it feels like I have a drummer who really listens to me and understand what the song really needs plus giving me new ideas rather than browse through endless lists of names that doesn’t make much sense.

A REAL time saver so I can concentrate on making music.

BB already rocks but with this feature it will up the value tenfold ! - At least :wink:

the new product from positive grid has this:

[I]AI Drums lets you play, write, and rehearse with a virtual drummer powered by the latest AI technology and deep machine learning. It works like magic: AI Drums listens to your guitar strumming and sorts out a matched drum pattern that best suits your compositions. Just tap to record and the app will learn and play the right drum pattern.

You can go into further pattern customization and change the pattern, BPM, EQ, music genre, and much more.
and im thinking that i love my beatbuddy but if this app has the half price of beatbuddy why to keep it…i think that beatbuddy stay behind in competition with other products around. the updates are coming out infrequent intervals

You’re right, competition is probably a good thing for all of us. :smiley:

Is AI Drums here yet or is Positive Grid announcing its “any day soon” arrival? It looks like an exciting concept and I’d be interested in seeing how practical it is for a gigging musician to use it.

Just had a thought though, do you velcro the platform that your AI Drums is on (your laptop or your iPad) to your pedalboard? Sorry, couldn’t help it. :eek:

But, I’m sure that Singular Sound is not resting on their laurels (at least I hope they aren’t). No, I’m not an employee . . . .

AI Drums is going to be sent out to beta testers any day now (I’m waiting as are many others) + Derek Buddemeyer’s new app Drum Session is going to be released any day now ($25US). These could both be the best drum apps for the iPad ever but we’ll have to wait & see!

Good to know. I signed up with Positive Grid; I do remember that they announced this project about a year ago and I then lost interest.

There aren’t much info about AI Drums and I haven’t found any videos of it so it could be a hit or miss product.
To be usable to me it needs to be a VSTi with top notch sounds on par with Addictive Drums 2 and EzDrummer 2.
Since it is their first drum product I am a bit sceptical about it but did sign up on theír website.

BB is still one of a kind and there is nothing like it on the market today and I couldn’t live without it.
I use it daily together with my Boomerang 3 looper for practising and composing.

I hate all the BS App shit that needs an iPad or iPhone to work.
It’s just toys to me !

Yes…we will be releasing very soon (within days…still scheduled for a November release) Very “EZDrummer-ish”

Drum Session by Ngo Minh Ngoc

I already use EZDrummer2 Tap2Find with my beat buddy. You can add the Beatbuddy MIDI library to EZDrummer and it will search those MIDI clips too. I use an AKAI LPD8 to tap the kick and snare pattern, then select the BB midi folder to filter the results down to only BB grooves, then find the closest match.

I have tried that and it semi works but the mapping is not 100 % working and it doesn’t come out sounding half as good as in EZdrummer 2.
Some files also appear as half empty (@ start ) when viewed in EZdrummer 2.

Would love it if BBM could get the Tap2Find feature !
That would be killer !

Persist’s half joking comment about vecroing your laptop the your pedalboard is quite valid. One major reason I like the BB is that it is a self contained small unit that it capable of withstanding my heavy foot mashing down on all the time.

Ok, it sounds like you misread what I wrote (or maybe I’m misunderstanding you; either way, I’ll clarify what I wrote). I was saying that you can add the BeatBuddy MIDI library into EZDrummer2 and scan those beats with tap2find; it’s a great way of finding beats on your BeatBuddy.

What you’ve described is the issue of using EZDrummer MIDI clips on a BeatBuddy where some drum sounds don’t play. This is because they use a different drum mapping - I find it’s mainly the hi hats and toms. I resolve this by opening EZDrummer in reaper, drag the clip from EZDrummer into Reaper and open the MIDI editor, then select incorrect drums and use CTRL + UP/DOWN to move the hi hats and toms to the correct MIDI value. I might do a video on this as it’s easier than it sounds.
I have the Beat Buddy MIDI mapping names saved in Reaper, so in the MIDI editor I can see which MIDI note plays what. Also, you can plug in the Beat Buddy as a hardware output and play the clip directly on the pedal from Reaper, so you can see if it’s working and make any adjustments.


I see what you mean !

But even when you find a BeatBuddy beat in Tap2Find it wont come out correct because EZdrummer 2 does not use the same mappings.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to route EZdrummer 2 to play a different sound module like BeatBuddy .Now that would have been pretty cool.

I already use my Beatbuddy as a hardware output and can play clips directly on the pedal from Cubase.

Cubase has a function that lets you change the input MIDI notes to output different notes (auto remap, sort of) but you have to first find a MIDI file you like, drag it to the arrange window and go from there.

There is also a program called EZplayer Pro who automatically remaps MIDI files between different formats but I haven’t tried it yet !

I think I am going to sample some of EZdrummer 2 drumsets and put them into Beatbuddy with Beatbuddy mapping and see what it sounds like because most of the time when using MIDI grooves from EZdrummer 2 it usually wont come out with the same velocity which pretty much ruins the original groove.

This could work if using EZplayer Pro in your DAW.
Just choose Beatbuddy ( for MIDI output ) instead of Steven Slate drums shown in this clip !
Note that EZplayer Pro should be chosen for MIDI input in your DAW (instead of your usual MIDI controller ).
That way you could audition any MIDI file via Beatbuddy by using the General MIDI profile in EZplayer Pro.

Anything ever happen with this?? I still use EZDrummer to find beats.

I’d love to see this built into the BeatBuddy. How I’d see it working…

  1. Select ‘Find a beat’ from the menu
  2. Select BPM and time signature.
  3. A metronome starts playing and you can tap the drum pattern using the footswitch (kick & snare by default but reassignable) or maybe the cursor buttons.
  4. Shown a list of search results

I’m thinking to sell my beatbuddy and i will go with this [SIZE=5]OneManBand (OMB) - A New Way to Play Guitar[/SIZE]
i’m a little bit disappointment with few updates of beatbuddy firmware and i have no time to spent to find the best drum midi for my cover songs…i always believe that the auto find fiction is must have feature for beatbuddy. digitech has already two products with this fiction. it is true that the quality of beatbuddys drums are the best of other product but…