Tempo Changes

Firstly, i must say how stoked i am with the Beat Buddy! Been at it for two days and really hitting the straps now.

One thing that i would use and find handy is being able to have tempo changes…

I`ll often notch the chorus up 1 or 2 bpm when recording to a click track. I also have a few songs where the intro is 10bpm slower than the rest of the song.

Would be great to be able to do that within Beat Buddy Manager.

Anyways, 5 stars thus far!

First gig this weekend with the BB.



As you know this is not possible at the moment and I am not sure how to accomplish it each part section could have its own tempo I suppose. although what some have done is edit the midi and moved all the midi event further apart, thereby the midi appears to play slower as it is out of time. What you also could try is the Tap tempo function to manually change the tempo (would take practise). In theory you could also control the tempo via midi.
All the work arounds though are not easy to implement.

Cheers mate!

Yeah, that all seems clunky or in the “too hard basket”…

It`s no big deal really, but having the option for a song to have either a master tempo like it already does, or be able to set tempos for each section would be great imo.

Once again, it`s no big deal, but would just add an extra element of realness to the beat buddy for me.

I`m loving the pedal tho… Sounding great! :slight_smile:

I’d look for a simple flag with associated MIDI command so I could build the outro with a tempo slow down feature as a selection. The BB could then slow the way the software reacts to the internal clock to provide a gradually decreasing tempo. It wouldn’t be entirely realistic as these slow downs are done for human creativity and feel but it would be better than simply finishing at the same tempo.

I can’t say exactly how the BB’s built but usually, there’s an internal crystal clock that beats at thousands of time per second. That count is subdivided by the computer to generate a human-scale time clock. A tweak to the software doing that subdivision to incorporate a slowdown/speed up feature wouldn’t be that hard to do and provide external commands and configuration settings as well. Doing it externally, via commands, rather than internal to the MIDI file keeps the MIDI implementation clean and portable.

Having Outros that “drawl / slowdown” like in a real band situation would be a great feature also! Good stuff.