Tempo is wrongly displayed after latest update

Following the latest update:

After you load a new song, the Aeros displays whatever tempo is on the Beatbuddy, but plays the tempo the song was recorded with. So I now need a piece of paper with all the song tempos. The old system was better - I could use the Aeros tempo to remind me of where to set the tempo on the Beatbuddy after I reloaded a song.

When I finally figure it out, then go back to the home screen and return to the song it is then properly displayed.

The Aeros should always display the tempo of the recording after a track has been laid down. It should stop taking the tempo from the Beatbuddy. That’s what used to happen and it made sense.


It turns out that the tempo displayed is always the tempo of the previous song loaded. If you load a song twice then the correct tempo is displayed. This should be easy to fix.

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