Tempo Knob on BB change the pitch on infinity?


The tempo knob of the BB change the pitch of the loop on Infinity looper
If I play on 140 bpm and let’s play the loop or after saved . If I change the tempo on the BB
The BB change the pitch and not the tempo
ex: If I play a loop on 140 and turn the tempo on BB to 120 I need to play 1 step lower on my guitar?
Also I need to write on paper ervery tempo of saved loops

Also if I play another loop on ex:92bpm
and come back to my saved loop(saved on 140) and let the BB on 92 Bpm ( the saved loop is changing the pitch)

Is there anything to do to keep changing Tempo and not the Pitch?

Thank you very much

It is not possible to change tempo without pitching the audio ( and I know no Looper that does)…
I think the best solution would be, changing the default Tempo to the song you looped, then when you´re on PC, Export Song, Import Song to a special folder, called infinity or similar and you´ll have a folder with the songs you used at the right Tempo…
And if you use a midi controller, you can have Midi PC´s for both, Infinity and BB… One switch and you have song and Beat , just playing…!
Hope that helps.

Thank you very much Dennis
it help me a lot, and your idea is pretty good;)

In theory, would be possibile change tempo without pitch change. EHX 22500 looper does. In effect pigtronix infinity looper seems not have this feature…we have to ask the pigtronix guys…

I contact the Pigtronix to see! I let you know (if they answer)

BTW the EHX have no midi input??

The answer of Pigtronix is:
This is the way our machine works. It is like a tape recorder. This is why it is so FAST. The low latency requirement is too fast to do time stretching like you are asking in this machine.

Hehehe unforunatly ehx 22500 has no midi! I m scared about pigtronix reply and I know pigtronix point. I m IT engeneering and I know which is possible without loose the “FAST” (bha, I ve owned the ehx2500 and I have no issue about “FAST” problem…unfortunatly ehx has no midi and I m moved on pigtronix myself). I think pigtronix guys wont invest in this feature, because its a lot of effort due to looper architecture.

I think this actually might be possible. The way to do it is to set the sample rate of the Infinity to 24kHz while recording. Then, a tempo change can be done without changing the pitch by changing the playback samplerate accordingly (eg. set the samplerate to 48kHz if you double the tempo). This has to be done by some midi pedal or has to be implemented in the beatbuddy firmware to send the correct messages to change the samplerate on the pigtronix on the fly.

I’m working on a midi pedal with expression pedal input that can do this;)

Hi Dennis! and hi to everyone… i have a doubth! i have a infinity looper and i want to change the memory number presets via MIDI with my Booss ES_8. I dont find nothing about it in the manual cause is not in the CC map.
Do you now what is the CC# or the PC numbers for that? Thanks for answering…

I PM’d you the manual we are working on. Check your inbox. :slight_smile: