The Cure - Just Like Heaven (with Bass)




Thanks for this. It’s a great song. I’m new to beatbuddy and this is the first song I’ve downloaded. I listened to it through the beat buddy interface and there is no bass. Just wondering if I’ve done something wrong?


Did you download and install the drum kit for the song?

I just clicked download now and imported the song into beat buddy. I checked out another video on youtube and see that if there is an ‘*’ beside the drum kit in beat buddy manager it means I don’t have it. The kit that it’s looking for is called “Rock with Bass”. I’m guessing that’s what I need to download. If that’s correct, can you tell me where I can get that kit please?

Thanks for your help!

I’ve gone to the premium library to look for the “Rock with Bass” kit that this track seems to be looking for but I’m not seeing it:

Hey I’ve figured it out. I found a kit called rock with bass quiet and that worked. if you know where the original Rock with Bass is I’d still like to download it but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t.

I have to say I’m blown away by this forum. I was not aware all this was available when I both Beatbuddy. I’m evermore impressed now!

So I guess my big question now is, how do I create a drum track with bass in it? I see in places people use DAWS. I have Logic X. If there are any video showing how to create a drum track with bass on logic and moving it then into the Beat Buddy Manager, I’d really appreciate it if someone can send them my way. Or if there’s another way through beat buddy manager that would be great too. I’ll upload anything I can successfully create to the forum. Thanks again!

I’m unable to download this. I know before christmas there was an issue downloading user created beat files, has this been fixed yet?

No, but you could always send him a PM and ask for a repost

hi, where you able to pm me the just like heaven? I cant find it in the forum anymore, thanks a lot in advance.

I’ll see what I can do later this week.

how about that repost?

Please use the Search function to find it :crazy_face: