Hi i am trying to create a new drumset with and add a new instrument with only two samples, but when i want to save the drumset appears this error: The current drum set contains errors. Please fix instrument velocity ranges and make sure WAVE files are valid before continuing.

Your Wav files need to be 44.1khz, 16 or 24 bit. They also need to be free of meta tags. Use a tag stripper to prepare the wavs for BB.

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Thanks, but why is it that if I only use one sample it works, but if I use two or more for the same instrument, the error appears?

Your samples are overlapping zones. You have one from 96-127 and one from 126-127. You can either have both at the same zone, like 96-127, in which case the BB will randomly pick which one to play, or have them in separate zones, one at 96-125, and the other at 126-127.

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