The latest firmware version 1.77 - beta

Hi, We have the great latest firmware version 1.77 with a Midi implementation. Great!
I was checking with my looper controller ES_8 and i have done all the CC parameters they made to these 1.77. Midi in to Pause/Unpause, Accent hit, Drum fill Transition Fill, outro. Tap tempo, all it´s work great!
Its strange because the only thing i miss is main start via CC and change to the Main Drum loop after the transition… I don´t find the start peda by CC comand and change to the next Main Drum loop.

Which CC number are for these start and next main drum loop? As i can see is not yet a MIDI PC to change or change the the song or folder song in these new upload. It will be in the next one.
But still great we have these new great features…

Thanks for answering…


yosoychema, I hope you meant to say beta firmware.

Yes, they send me by Mail, i think is the beta…

i have the beta 1.77 too and now i can switch to songs without bend down via midi.

the command is as follows:
C0 00 00
midi channel 1 / folder 1 / song 1

each folder is limited to 99 songs!


CC 0 00? Or PC 0 00. These comands only change the folder and song or change and start?
If its only change witch number is for start the pedal in the main loop?
I cant find the Numbers list… Only what is inside the pedal MIDI in CC…
Thanks for answering…

C0 00 00 only change to the song 1 in folde 1 but doesnt start the song!

I dont know which cc command starts the song but write a email at
they will send it to you!

If you have it please post ist here!


But is PC program change or CC# continuos control?

i dont know because im not a midi freak. I only can say that it works,

Could someone please tell me where did they download the 1.77 firmware from ??? I can only find the old 1.41 here on the download page which I have already installed on my BB. Thanks

You´ll have to contact support, since the beta 1.77 is previously unreleased. It was mentioned somewhere, that the official release will be in a few weeks…:wink:

Gotta ask the help desk to send it to 'ya.

I’m waiting answer from, but haven’t heard anything yet. I was on cloud 9 for a couple of months. The beat buddy was working real good, did quite a few gigs. Really enjoyed my new machine. I don’t know what happened but I lost everything, and I can’t get it back. Tried from scratch like if it was new, but nothing works. Two gigs this weekends, I guess it’s it’ll be just the three of us, guitar, harmonica and vocalist 3 harmonizer .

But is PC program change or CC# continuos control?

I haven’t tried it yet but looking at the where it is in the menu in 1.77 I would guess that it is neither PC nor CC but rather a ‘Real Time Message’ e.g. 0xFA for start and 0xFC for stop. You might also see these called System Exclusive messages or even MMC - Midi Machine Control

Sorry for your bad luck, do you have an archive copy on your computer?

CC for transition is 113 which will start the transition then send it again to go to the variation beat. it requires a double entry…
command is 113 value 1, then 113 value 0

Or if you want to hold the transition just send the first and it will play transition as long as you like, then send the second and it jumps to the variation.

I hope the new firmware release includes a list of all midi commands who works with beatbuddy!


… or you can do value 1 at switch press and value 0 at release to get it working like the main BB pedal…
This is working realy great and is (IMO) a big step for BB. But I would prever to have value assigned to song part (value 1 = Main Beat 1. value 2 = Beat 2 etc.) and value 127 to switch to next part (like it does yet…).
This way I could assign Drum Parts to my Loops ( I´m using Möbius ATM, so I can have 8 Loops as different Song Parts), change to any part at any time, without any obligatory sequence order and most important, switch any song part with a single click!!!
Please BB team, do that last step for me and make different values meshing the different Song Parts… (Oh oh, my english skills are limited, I hope you understand…:oops::smiley:

Please BB team, do that very last step for me not to connect the BB every time i want to sync and let him constantly connected!

In my tests, (using and app called Set List Maker on an iPad connected to the BB) simply starting the midi clock in the app and stopping the midi clock started and stopped the BB.

well, as stated in this and other posts - I am having no difficulties in getting the BB to do things via midi (for the operations Singular Sound have assigned in fw 1.77 at least)