The reason for my goodbye

You know what? After two or a three months… I’m leaving you. Why?
I’m very very good at midi, I’ve been recognised as a person who can create songs in midi for anybody, I’ve recorded in DAW using Kontakt, using Roland VSC and top user in Cakewalk by Bandlab, but this little pedal …
Can I ask, why isn’t there a VST or , drum mapper for every DAW, currently in the top 10?
Where’s a drum mapper?
Does the BeatBuddy creator have no alliances to make it better with outside sources?

Really hate to see any user drop out from this forum and hope you will reconsider.

Your suggestions as those of the many users of Singular Sound products are what makes this a thriving community.

I’m certain SS is paying attention but it may be that they barely have the capacity to deliver and sustain functionality for their existing products, much less to come up with and act on new ideas that would expand the capabilities of their pedals.

Nonetheless, you have planted some seeds and hopefully SS will start to think (and act) out of the box

You’re the MIDI expert: Why don’t you build a map? I’d send you $9.99 for it for Reaper.

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