The Rolling Stones - 75 songs

Here are 75 songs recorded at one time or another by the Stones. This package includes a .pbf file. of all 75 songs. BB calls that a Folder. Use File>Import>Folder to get in into your BB. I have all 50 songs from the Paste Magazine 50 Best list:

plus 25 others that I a)either really wanted to include, or b)had a fairly good midi for, and was not a song I found to be boring.

I have included pdf cheats for all 75 songs. There is also a pdf with the links to the drum kits used in the songs.

As Persist notes in his song posts, “Music is art, it’s interpretive. So right or wrong, good or bad does not exist.” Or, as I say, if you don’t like my stuff, don’t use it.

Rolling_Stones folder.pbf (2.2 MB)

pdf (1.6 MB)

Links to Drum kits used.pdf (38.5 KB)

One other note, on the pdf files there is normally a line that says MIDI: 0.8:xxx. This is my MIDI command for OnSong, where this folder is the ninth folder in my list of folders. You can ignore that if you wish, or you can use OnSong and have the .pbf as you 9th folder.


Thanks Phil

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Satisfaction :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:…thanks

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thank you very much Phil

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Thanks for all the work you did putting this great collection of Stones songs together Phil_Flood…

Nicely done, and much appreciated… :beers:

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Thanks for that Phil. Some great titles there. I have imported them and they play on my BBM but I need to modify them slightly to play properly with my drum set. I have tried exporting the MIDI file but they will not open in Cakewalk (which is what I use for editing) even though they are a .mid file. Cakewalk has always opened any .mid file in the past, can you think of any reason why they won’t open?

OK, disregard. I went in to edit on the BBM and did a Quantize. I now can open the exported .midi file.

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Thank you Phil this is awesome!

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Your a Major Dude.
Thank you!

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Thank you very much Phil, very appreciated. Great work

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You are THE man, thanks a lot Phil!! I spend a lot of time fiddling with midi and BB (that was exactly my retirement plan…) and I KNOW how much it takes to have all that songs properly done. Thanks again :smile:

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Thank you, Phil.

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Cheers Phil :+1:

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Wow awesome. Thank you so much

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Here’s a complete song listing so they appear in search results

  1. Blank
  2. She’s A Rainbow
  3. As Tears Go By
  4. Ventilator Blues
  5. Time Is On My Side
  6. Bitch
  7. Happy
  9. Good Times Bad Times
  10. Some Girls
  11. I’m Free
  12. Under My Thumb
  13. Monkey Man
  14. It’s Only Rock and Roll
  15. Salt of The Earth
  16. Mother’s Little Helper
  18. Let It Bleed
  19. Let’s Spend the Night Together
  20. Living In A Ghost Town
  21. Sway
  22. Let It Loose
  23. Love In Vain
  24. Factory Girl
  25. Sweet Virginia
  26. Angie
  27. Paint it Black
  28. Miss You
  29. 19th Nervous Breakdown
  30. Midnight Rambler
  31. She Said Yeah
  32. Play With Fire
  33. Honky Tonk Women
  34. The Last Time
  35. Shine A Light
  36. All of Your Love
  37. Wild Horses
  38. Jumpin Jack Flash
  39. Loving Cup
  40. Rocks Off
  41. Moonlight Mile
  42. Start Me Up
  43. Ruby Tuesday
  44. Brown Sugar
  45. Dead Flowers
  46. Street Fighting Man
  47. Get Off My Cloud
  51. Satisfaction
  52. Gimme Shelter
  54. Just Your Fool
  55. The Spider and The Fly
  57. Waiting on a Friend
  58. Anybody Seen My Baby
  59. Route 66
  60. Back Street Girl
  61. Carol
  62. Doom and Gloom
  63. Fool to Cry
  64. Far Away Eyes
  65. Fortune Teller
  66. Live With Me
  67. Mixed Emotions
  68. Emotional Rescue
  69. Have You Seen Your Mother
  70. Love Is Strong
  71. No Expectations
  72. Not Fade Away
  73. Out of Time
  74. Prodigal Son
  75. Rip This Joint
  76. Poison Ivy
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Wow… What an amazing collection of Stones songs… I have been so busy working my way through them that I forgot to post and say thanks… Nicely done Phil_Flood… Thanks for putting that together… Cheers… :beers: