---The whiner is back again! Another request...

—I don’t know if it’d be legal, allowable on the site or even worth it but for those with the necessary software to extract the drum parts out of msf’s would it be possible to take request from those of us who don’t have the software, time, expertise or intelligence (all of those were directed towards me) to do this themselves?
I saw a msf for Hot Summer Nights by Walter Egan and Wicked Games by Chris Issak and they seemed dead on but when I downloaded the trial copy of Reaper I couldn’t figure out how to make it do just plain msf’s so I could delete everything but the drum parts. I know, idiot! I used to have a version of Cakewalk years ago that made this easy, Reaper is a lot different.

I would be willing to pay, not wanting anyone to use their time and software they bought and not get paid for it. I went through just about every beat on my BB and none worked with a few of the songs we’re doing.

Sorry to be such a whiner but I am learning the BB thanks to ya’ll just have a lot going on and it’d be easier to buy the drum parts than try and figure out programs I just don’t have time to figure out.

There is an option that you might try. It would be doing it yourself, but it’s fairly easy. Try down loading the “Beat Builder” where you can create the stuff yourself. It’s not that hard once you learn the program. It’s a lot like “Step Writing” that you would use in Cakewalk. You can edit each note. Another thing that you might do when you have the time, is to take one type of drums, say funk, go into each of the funk files and copy all of the beats and fills into one file so that you have all of them together. Do that for each one of the drum files. Then you have all of them together, and you can pick and choose the beats and fills as you need them. It makes things much easier when your trying to build a drum file up from scratch. You can also bring in other drum fills and beats from other files too. I do this all the time when building my own sets. I know you may not have the time, but you do need to put some time into Beat Buddy Manager and work it to your advantage. Whatever you do, remember to save the project everytime you think about it. It also doesn’t hurt to make an extra copy on an SD Card as a safety backup in case you lose some files on or the card becomes corrupt. Take it with you on gigs for a backup. Hope some of this helps you.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Thank you for the advice, now I guess I have a bigger thing to worry about. I put some songs onto the SD card and nwo none of the original styles or beats are there. I have to figure out how
to reinitialize my BB. Sigh!!

Drums are normally on midi channel 10. Remove or otherwise disable the other channels and see if that gets you what you want.

Thanks for the advice, right now I don’t have the sequencing software except for the Reaper demo I d/l and it’s not laid out like my old Cakewalk. Right now I have to figure out how I deleted all of my onboard sounds in my BB when I added the folder or songs I’d d/l’d. Argh!!

Were they the default drumsets that came with the Beat Buddy? You can download the original SD contents from the forum. Purhase a couple of 2GB SD Cards from Walmart at about $11.99 for two. Then Save, Save, Save.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

When you load new material to the SD card, it will overwrite what is there as you well know by now. You can sync the new material to the SD card if you set it up that way. This will not erase what’s on the card.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Every time I make a change to my drumsets, I always make a second copy of the contents on the SD card and date them so I always have a backup. I also copied the original SD card and put both of them away. I don’t use the original card for anything. Buy a level 10 card with at least 4GB to use in the Beat Buddy. It seems to be a little faster at booting up drum files within the Beat Buddy.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

–LOL, I am such a klutz! I got the originals back and created a folder that I’ve added some songs to so now I need to see if I can get them to my SD card without destroying everything else. LOL
I really need to look at the videos more often!! Thanks for your help!!

—Great, thanks and now to figure out how to do that.

Scott,your not alone, but i find it hard to believe there isn’t a usable beat for any style of music, hell I’m barely out of the Blues.
I am hoping new upgrade will make it easier on us laymen to better grasp Midi.
I appreciate all the users on this forum that add content and give advice.

—Thanks, I hate to have to keep asking for help but after years of programming some pretty tough synths etc…this thing is great but just seems totally unintuitive ( is that a word? LOL)
One of the problems I’ve having (among so many) are the onboard beats intros sometimes ruin the songs so I can’t use them, what’s the matter with a simple click in?
This community is great and I have a feeling so are the developers of BB, they just didn’t seem to have us in mind when the developed the o.s…I was able to put a bunch of cool songs onto my SD card (can’t remember how) and they sounded good over my p.a…Some were exceptionally good.
I wish everyone would simply stop what they’re doing and spend all of their time helping me get the songs our band is doing together. Is that too much to ask? LOL I’m kidding but…
I have a Korg Krome and I’ve resorted to using their drum beats on several songs, how sad is that?

Look in the Resources section under Midi files. You will find some simple intro count-ins you can substitute for the existing intro. There a global setting for doing a count-ins for every song as well if you ask support for the beta firmware.

Once I got my head around how this pedal was designed, I found it very intuitive and easy to use.

—Thank you. I hope one day to actually contribute answers to this forum rather than pleas for help. I’ll ask them about the beta firmware and see if they’ll let me have it, I beta tested for a great IOS synth and that was fun but it was just a complicated synth nothing like this. LOL