The wording on the pedal

Why is the word BUDDY in bold print on some pedals and not others? Is there a difference in the pedals?

Probably just different silk-screening used. I’ve seen pedals with the name that looks like the lettering has been vertically wire brushed, another one with no scratches but the BEAT in bold (but not BUDDY) and now your version.

There may be minor differences in how knobs are fastened to the top of the pedal but there’s been no changes in functionality or performance.

Thanks! I was wondering if there was a difference in software etcetera being that I’m about to purchase one. Making sure I got the newest version.

Yeah, I saw one on sale on FB that had a regular guitar pedal type button on it instead of the large pedal style. I’m assuming that was a very early version. But I assume the electronics inside are the same and still upgrade-able to the latest firmware etc.