This is my one button and silent footswitch

I just need one button for play/pause the BB. I use Airturn’s ATFS-2 Silent pedal. It works very well for me.

Sounds great. I already had two Boss FS-5U Pedals mounted on my pedalboard so I Modified a Stereo Switchcraft plug and they work great. Fingerstylepicker.
This is funny, hehehe. I, on the contrary, went the other way and tried a Digitech
[SIZE=2]FS3X Three-Function Foot Switch, like the one in the pic (not sure if it will show, first time loading a pic in this forum). I did a bit of trial and error testing and got it to work like this:

left switch: Pause/Start (no accent)
middle switch: Accent (keeps playing)
right switch: Pause/Start, both with accent.
[SIZE=14px]There may be other possible configurations but I haven’t had the chance to explore more (work work work)


Luis L.[/SIZE]

Fixed your image. You need to insert a link directly to the image, not to the page containing it!