time for a beatbuddy manager with MIDI EDITOR included

i think that the beatbuddy is one of the best gear i got since i bought it. i jsut miss one thing: a full compatible midi editor in the beatbuddy manager. that coould make the BB the best drum pedal ever. I play Folk Colombian music, and the beat builder is short to work with the latin set!
hope you make it happen, singular!

BB Manager has a built-in MIDI editor. You can right-click on any pattern and select “Edit”. Then you can (you should) save it to another name and use it like you can any other pattern. The nice thing about the built-in editor is that you can play the pattern using the BB sounds while you edit it so you don’t have to worry about mapping them correctly in an external editor. The built-in editor is limited and they are working on making it better, but it is has the big benefit of being integrated into the BB Manager.

Hi Gabriel. Thanks for helping me with this…i just found the midi editor you said and thats what i need. Now this pedal is the best thing ever!

thank you!