Time Is On My Side


The Rolling Stones “Time Is On My Side”


Thanks I have no idea what to do with either of these two files is there a link somewhere to a simple explaination. Cheers


Adding songs to your pedal

So once you have the manager software installed and open, first you want to import the default project that’s on your pedal already, via the import-export menu. In the lower lefthand corner you’ll the folder list. You can create a new folder via the organize menu, or pick an existing folder, and then import the SNG file into it, again via the import-export menu. As for the tambourine instrument, again in the lower lefthand corer, pick the drum sets tab, double click the brushes set (you probably want to do this for the standard and rock kits too) and then in the organize menu you add a new instrument. It will appear at the bottom of the kit display so you’ll have to scroll down. Double click the label of the kit and the details window will come up. At this point you assign the name and the MIDI note. You’ll want to pick note 54 and call it “tambourine”. Close that window and find the instrument again (as it will shift into the correct order) and then click the add button to start adding wave files. The zip has several velocities and you need to provide velocity ranges for which the WAV will be used. I’m using intervals of 20, ie. 1-20, 21-40 After all that is done, under the import-export menu you choose the synchronize item. If it’s not already aware of the pedal device, you’ll have to choose the device that represents the pedal, which appears similar to how a USB stick or SD card appears to Windows. Good luck!


You may find my tutorial videos helpful as well.


Thanks so much I’ll give it a go and check the videos out too. Appreciate your time


Thanks Charles for posting all your songs.

Regarding the tambourine zip file, once it’s loaded into the song onto the card, should you be able to hear the tambourine when playing it back through the BB pedal? I added it to the brushes kit and saved the project and synced it, but it I dont hear it when I play the song. I do hear it when the BB manager sw is open. My guita is plugged into the BB and out to my PA. Thanks again.


Have you synchronised the changes back to the BeatBuddy?


Yes. I’ll have to go back over the steps and try to find out what I did wrong. I added the five tabourine wave files, and set the velocities O -20, 21-40 etc. That last file I set 81-127. I can hear them in the Drumset in the BBmanager when I preview them. I’ll keep trying. Thanks again.



I have not tried this, but if you can hear everything correct in the management software and it is not when playing through the BB, then the changes have not been reflected on the BB. Do you remove the SD card from the BB or is it connected via USB? You could save the project in another location and reimport everything back from the BB and check that the files you created are there, I suspect not. Load up the other project and sync with the BB. Have you listened to the BB with Headphones?
Hope you figure it out.