Time Signature Feature?

Hello all, i am SO wanting to buy an Aeros, but I have a big question-
Setting loops with just tap tempo…is this possible?
I currently use 2 digitech jam express loopers along with a Boomerang 2…i do sync’ed loops…but i go between time signatures all the time, and some of them i am not even sure what time signatures they are in…
So…with Aeros, would i have to map this out before hand? it would be a deal breaker, honestly.
Basically would want to set the tempo, hit record, and let my first loop dictate the length of the loop, and then start layering…and then, when creating a new part, do the same thing…tempo would probably be the same, but the signature might be different…

Does this make sense, and is this possible?

Hello @Novakane,

Welcome to the world of those who cannot use the Aeros in its “quantized” mode. What you are talking about is not yet available.
Basically currently I use the Aeros in freeform mode which for me is quite acceptable. Some fixes that should now be released in the next coming weeks should definitely make it a pretty usable mode… as I use it standalone.

But when dealing with MIDI sync and stuff like that, currently the only possibility is exactly what you defined as a deal breaker, the quantized mode, requiring feeding the machine with tempo and time signature beforehand…

This is why I requested this 3rd mode you may be interested to read about. The concept has received a good feedback and has even been added to the backlog as per @DavidPackouz reply.

But having an idea of the release dates with them seems to be impossible mission… :frowning:
Although things are listened and good ideas often accepted, they have a big problem with release planning, and I see people complaining about that in almost every topic… Replies are always in the form “X will be implemented after Y”, but you’ll never have an idea on when “Y” will actually be implemented… I really start being tired of this.

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So I understand, in freeform mode as it currently exists, you cannot utilize bpm or a click track?

My dream is to wait for Aeros to act as master clock (coming soon…) and have it send clock to Boomerang 2, in order to have 2 stereo loopers in sync, in order to do the type of ‘freeform’ looping in a live setting with a live drummer…and not worrying about preloading all my time signatures and tempos…

Sounds like it will eventually be possible but isn’t possible now.


That’s the case currently, hence the 3rd hybrid mode request I did…
Now I’m pretty confident this will eventually be possible, as they are committed in providing expected features. What I have a problem with is the lack of visibility in their releases…

All that being said, I am not an Aeros owner yet, but if this feature can be added, I will buy one. This hybrid mode would literally be the best of all worlds in live performance looping, for me, anyway.

One other question- in freeform, will loops sync / start / stop with one another at end of loop?

Yep, that’s basically what I use all the time. And that’s great.

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Researching further- I found this-

1/x Time Signatures

Gives user the ability to create polyrhythmic and mixed-meter songs that are quantized to the beat, instead of the measure.

Does this mean you can set quantization with tap tempo?

Thanks again.

Yes you can do that, provided the fact you already defined the song time signature in the song config.

The quantization is defined from both the tempo and the time signature of the song. If you select 1/x it will mean that you define a measure as being one beat long. Therefore if you create a multipart song, you can then have part one being 3 beats longs (and all tracks in that part being multiple of this) and part two as being 5 beats (measures) long (and again all tracks in that part being multiple of this).

I don’t really know if that can be qualified as polyrhythmic, as for me polyrhythmic would mean that I could in the same song part, define tracks that have different time signatures, which AFAIK is not possible. But as I do not really use the quantized mode, you may have to ask this to someone like @BrennanSingularSound for further info…

Hey, thanks for tagging me in this, you cannot currently have more than one time signature in a song part, but we made the 1/x mode for this reason. That being said, it is a pretty new mode that we haven’t gotten a lot of feedback on from polyrhythmic looping guys, it could maybe use tweaking.

With the auto quantize (3rd upcoming update) and improved freeform (upcoming update) modes, the need to do this may become less important, but only time will tell.

The ability for the Aeros to be master will be coming after we finish auto quantize. Whether that will include a fully realized compatibility with the BeatBuddy when in an auto quantize mode, is still subject to testing and is a good bit away (the Master abilities on their own will probably be out in 2-3 mos or so, given no larger unforeseen issues come up).

Whatever the case may be, we will use feedback to improve!

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Thanks for flying in…

Is it different from what I just described, or did I miss something ?

Yes, you are correct, that is how it works, the best method to stay in time is to tap tempo and go right into it, from my experience. With change Song Part setting being at the end of loop, once you establish the longest loop, it’s easy to create a good transition point. You would probably want to take off the sync length and start mode, because it will keep you from doing things like 5 versus 4 due to the length rules.

I bet this 1/x mode will probably fully make sense once the hybrid mode is implemented…

It could be, there’s still much to test there…

Just wondering if we are yet able to create loops that are in different time signatures but still stay locked in time?

This is the key feature I am looking for on a looper and I believe the ancient Pigtronix infinity could do it so hoping this aeros beast has same or better capability.

Not yet, though you can accomplish similar with freeform mode (if using Aeros standalone)

You can also achieve similar by setting the number of beats in the measure (the numerator) in the the time signature to 1. (E.g. 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2)

I do think there are some less than perfect qualities to using 1/x as a substitute, I think it can be harder to handle fast tempos due to our Loop forgiveness zone being close to each measure in the Aeros.

One major feature we are looking into pairing with AutoQuantize is the ability to have multiple time signatures per song (one per part). So you may get what you want soon, stay tuned, AutoQuantize is not far off!

Rereading what you read however, you want polyrhythms in the part at once? You can already do this by just playing in quantized mode and turning sync length and sync start off, this will at least quantize things to the measure.

Let me know if that helps!


The Infinity will do Time Signatures (if you figure out how to set them, I had to use the PC App), but the 2nd loop it makes has to still be the same or a multiple of the first loop. The Infinity also doesn’t know anything about beats or measures on its own unless it has been synced to an external MIDI Clock.

I use both the Aeros and Infinity side-by-side in my current rig. The Infinity is no more advanced than the Aeros in this regard, and I’d actually put it a behind in terms of quantizing and beats due to a serious lack of visual feedback and absence of any onboard click. And then in some other areas, such as changing pitch, reverse and loop aging, it’s ahead. They really are 2 different beasts, which is why I use both.

I haven’t come across any pedal/floor based looper that will handle any time signature on any of the parts within 1 song, unless you count free form. Even the EHX 95000, which can do a subset of time signatures, is fairly rigid. And I do agree, if Aeros could handle multiple time signatures between the parts in the same song, that would be outstanding.