Time Signature Problem for MIDI Files Exported from BeatBuddy Manager


BeatBuddy Manager version seems to habe a bug with exporting MIDI files from songs: I always get a signature of 4/4. Also BeatBuilder version 2.1 has an issue with saving signature other than n/4. I really like the BeatBuilder - thank you, Charles Spencer for sharing - and I don’t want to use a less aligned editor. So I opted to make up a helper tool that is specialized on just some “finishing” tasks for MIDI files. First of all, it can set the measure signature to whatever you like. Works for me, so I’m sharing this here, perhaps it helps you with making up your BeatBuddy patterns with 6/8 and other less common timing.

You’ll need to unzip the attached file, then you can run the included MiniMidiTool.exe. It’s a command line tool, so you can make up batch jobs. Call it without any parameters on a CMD to get help on how to use it; it might be just as easy as this:
MiniMidiTool /timesignature:6/8 C:\temp\Jig.mid
Dot Net framework 3.5 required.


Interesting. Thanks for sharing, Bernd