Time Signature

Can the time Signature be changed on a given drum set? I need 3/4 for the starspangled banner.

No, the beats needs to be built in the proper time signature.

The time signature is set by each song part, but has nothing to do with the drum set. Time signature is encoded in the midi snippet.

No, however there is now a specific 3/4 expansion pack you can buy which includes 67 different 3/4 beats.

Although what you would want is a 3/4 marching style beat which you will struggle to find anywhere, unless someone has made one.

thanks to all who has replied. I just bougt the BeatBuddy and I haven’t got the skill to build a drumkit. Maybe I can get some help.

can the beatbuddy all -3-mega-pack be purchased on sd cards?

At the moment, we are not offering them for sale on SD cards. You’d need to purchase it from our library and add it to your existing project.